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Highly Educated Labor Force:

Costa Rica’s literacy rate is over 95% with over 96 technical high schools and over 50 universities, numbers that due to the size and population differentiates the country from others. Costa Rica is rated 1 in Latin America in terms of collaboration between universities and the industries, which shows the flexibility and long term vision of the educational programs.

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Multi-lingual Country:

The second language of the country is English and others like Portuguese, Mandarin and French are increasing the number of students and with this the offering of highly skilled professionals with top communication abilities.

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Business Climate:

Costa Rica is rated 2 in Latin America in political stability and it is the safest country in the region.

Costa Rica - Great Potential

1st High-Tech exporter of industrial products in Latin America, 4th worldwide CINDE based on data from the World Development Indicators 2014, World Bank.

The top choice among Latin America countries for establishing a Global Business Services Center The Hackett Group, 2013.

San Jose is among the top 2 Metropolitan areas to invest in Latin America Global Best to Invest Report, Site Selection Magazine 2013.

1st Country for future FDI in Central America and the Caribbean Financial Times: FDI Intelligence, 2013.

1st Outsourcing City of Latin America (San Jose) Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations 2015, Tholons.

Top seven City for future FDI in Latin America (San Jose) Financial Times: FDI Intelligence, 2013.

Costa Rica is among the top 10 Global Best to Invest countries Site Selection Magazine 2013.

Why Costa Rica?

Currently, more than 250 high tech multinational companies are operating in Costa Rica. Exceptionally talented and bilingual young workforce. Almost 100% of the employees in multinational companies are local.

Preferential access platform to 1/3 of the world’s population, and 2/3 of the worldwide GDP. 86% of exports of goods covered by FTAs.

Excellent business climate based on a renowned democratic tradition, economic and political stability.

Solid infrastructure. More than 90% of energy is renewable. Redundant telecommunications access.

Quality of life in Costa Rica is high. Safest country in Latin America.

Other Factors about Costa Rica

- Foreign Direct Investment inflows have grown an average of 12.5% every year since 2003.

- Global Centers of excellence serving the world in more than 10 different languages.

- Total Labor force has grown at a rate of 1.5% between 2008 and 2014 (2014: 2.25 million).

- Costa Rica education system is #1 in Latin America and 21st in the world.

- Costa Rica has a strong and world renowned tradition of peace, democracy and stability.

- Costa rica is the safest country in Latin America.

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